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Great things happen all the time. Important stories need to be written, shared and discussed on a frequent basis. We felt there needed to be a place for this. The things written on Well Nice matter to us and we think they’re important and can shape the way we live our lives. It’s not saying we’re perfect, but it’s to create a stream of communication that hopefully could add some value here and there. When we start thinking about something we use one or all of the principles below.

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People read things because they want to learn and fill in the gaps. Can what we write help influence decisions for the better? If we can then that’s our goal.


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One Christmas evening in 2016 the metaphorical lightbulb lit up inside our heads and Well Nice was born. It’s home to our curious thoughts. We wonder – both physically and mentally.  We also want to always be questioning and learning as we move. The mission is simple. It’s to bring you on the journey with us.

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Creative and design




The world as we know it

A little bit of inspiration.

We’re based in the UK, a couple of like-minded individuals who have always been passionate for design, travel and change. Now we’re spread between Leicester and London but our view on things transcends these physical boundaries.

We’re on a mission. The mission is quite straightforward. We get excited about well written prose, neat design and interesting things or ideas. We want to share our thoughts. We want to expose the nuances of human nature and we want to offer up what we’ve learnt and continue to learn.

That’s Well Nice.

Keep it classy San Diego.

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