It’s that day again. It happens once a year and it’s a day that allows every Star Wars fan to just go a bit mental about showing their love for the franchise.

We found some really awesome artwork recently. We actually got a Grand Budapest screen print at Christmas last year but we’ve followed this guy ever since. The artist is called George Townley and he’s pretty awesome. Well Nice is the lifestyle curation that brings to you anything interesting, cool and innovative. Star Wars brings all three to the table.

This year, as always, it’s no different for us. The old and the new, the sad bits, the insestous bits and the good old battle scenes… we love them all. Who’s your favourite character? Which is your favourite film? Light sabre or blaster? X Wing or Tie Fighter? The force or the dark side? Could go on forever but you get the picture.

Happy Star Wars Day folks.

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