Coffee shops are a pretty standard part of most people’s lives these days but it’s always great when you find a spanker that you keep going back to. You don’t know what draws you in, you don’t know why you keep coming back, but you do don’t you?

96 Degrees is a great independent coffee house on Braunstone Gate in Leicester. They have a simple ethos, don’t do much but do it well so it’s drinks, cakes and muffins, and sandwiches on the menu. All of which are made with care and passion for things that taste great!

When you’re there you feel like you’re part of Leicester’s revival in culture and there’s always something going on there. Friends are meeting for coffee, cakes being demolished by children and even live music is a regular theme too all whilst you’re idling away a Saturday morning.

Again, check out there Instagram and if you’re looking for some inspiration just look out for their Nutella Iced Latte. It will change your life.

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