When I was 21, I had finished University with a degree in English literature thinking about what I was going to do now. No one really gave me any information about that. Sure, you want to know about the underlying colonialist attitudes then people would talk until they went blue but when it came to the future everyone seemingly goes quiet.

I had no idea but I eventually landed a job. That’s not important but I started to receive money each month for doing things. What did I do with that money? I pissed the majority of it up the wall.

Six years later I am writing this because I understand money a lot better than I did when I was 21. I sure as hell won’t be giving lectures on the subject any time soon and I am certainly not ready to never work again. However, I know that saving money and putting your money to work is a thing you should do. Like brushing your teeth or actually cleaning the fridge.

Fast forward eight years and I am closing out my twenties. I am now deep in the knowledge that my money is better invested than saved in a standard savings account with woeful interest and in late 2017 I was introduced to Wealth Simple. The thought of your money being invested was pretty god damn thrilling.

You may have seen the adverts or heard about the awards they’ve won. The new FinTech company, which started in Canada before branching out to the US and now available in the UK has made saving for the future easier and much cooler. I get a pension supported by my employer but that’s not going to help me lead a lifestyle relieved of money worry when I am 65. I decided it would be better to stick some money away into one of these FinTech companies and let my money grow and work harder for me – my choice was Wealth Simple and I implore you to give it a go.

A little bit of science behind saving

I won’t go into too much detail here on compound interest but there’s a genuine benefit to following these bad boys into battle rather than squirrelling away your money in your savings account, cash ISA, Piggy Bank or mattress – if that’s your thing. Science coined it as compound interest and Albert Einstein put it poetically when he said:

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, pays it.

Who knows if he definitely said that but it’s a nice way of presenting the idea of compound interest. Say you have £5,000 – if you invest that with Wealth Simple and you gain 4% in interest at the end of year one, you’ll then have £5,200 going into year two. You leave it in the same place and at the end of year two it’s performed at the same level as year one and you have earnt 4% interest then you’ll have £5,408. Great stuff, that’s £408 in two years already – everyone’s a winner. If you think that’s decent, but if we fast forward to year twenty and that initial five grand has over doubled in size and is now worth £10,955.62 baring in mind all you’ve had to do is leave that money in the same place for two decades. I know right, mental.

The mathematics gets hard to manage but if you also continue to invest over those twenty years your some can increase hugely in that time period. So it pays to start sooner. I wish I had.

Wealth Simple’s website and smartphone app hold tonnes of information about the subject and it’s also really easy to get set up with an account and start investing right away. If I knew that and if Wealth Simple was around when I was 21 when I was fresh out of University I’d be sat in a much cushtier financial position right now.

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