If you’re ever in the area anyway, St Nectan’s Glen is a must. It’s hidden away and you could easily miss it as you sail between Tintagel and Boscastle, but if you stop and take the 30-minute walk to find this hidden treasure you won’t feel like it’s a waste of time.

When you’re down in Cornwall at any time of the year it’s natural to be drawn to the sprawling beaches or picture postcard seaside towns like Padstow or Port Isaac. The thing is after a while it’s nice to do something a little different and St Nectan’s Glen offers you just that.

At first it all seems a bit of a joke and you can’t take it serious that there’s actually going to be a waterfall of any significance at the end of the journey but there is. I promise.

After walking down a country track for a little while you start heading down into a creek and suddenly all those childhood memories of rambles in the woods come flooding back to you. I think that’s probably the most enjoyable part of this trip is that the whole thing fills you with the nostalgia of any magical woodland walk you’ve been on in the past. Eventually, following the river upstream, you start heading up some slippery steps and out of nowhere comes a really old school building and you start thinking; “how the hell did this place get here and how did they build it?” but someone did and you can grab a coffee, some sweets or a really random jewelled necklace or bracelet – honestly these aren’t the one but just pass them by.

There are two options:

  • Shortcut walk down some steps, take a couple of selfies at the waterfall and head back to your car
  • Long walk, lots to look at, quick pastry and coffee break (in our case) and then hang around acting like losers in the waterfall for a long time before realising our feet are wet and we’re actually pretty cold

As you can tell, we chose the later and I definitely think it’s worth the walk.

So you pay about £4.00 each to get into the waterfall area and for the price of a couple of coffees or 400 fruit salads, it’s definitely four pounds well spent.

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